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20 January 2010 @ 09:29 pm
I had this dream: The IADA gang was behind me and we we're gonna fight another mafia gang.

The leader goes: "You're a mafia?How are you connected?"

I say, "I'm the midpoint. I bisect them."


And then the other mafia gang backs off. SO other mafia gangs out there, beware. YOU HAVE GUNS, WE HAVE GEOM.XDD
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11 June 2009 @ 07:42 pm
I effing vomitted in school...so....embarrassing....
this is the result of motion sickness....

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07 June 2009 @ 12:51 pm
What happened at school year 2008-2009? Read on my friend.

-I saved a sit for Meg/Mia. Meg arrived first and we had to place Mia somewhere near. So we place her in front of the teacher's table on the first day of school. 8D
-Mrs.Pangilinan, our small but terrible adviser and CLE teacher started a lecture at the second day of classes. I think it was raining so hard we...er...I couldn't hear much. But everyone else was laughing so I laughed along XD
-I think I annoyed Meg for the duration of a few days of being seatmates. I kept making corny jokes...XD
-I think the fourth year eating area became an official Senpai-Kohai tambayan place.
-When Mrs.Pangilinan finally got around to arranging the class,my seatmates were Jhap and Aika. I got around to talking to Aika and occasionally making her laugh. But in the second week of classes I kept falling asleep. She woke me up. And that's a good thing or else I would've failed math on the first quarter..x_x
-The remaining IADA had to claim back the used-to-be eating area when we were Gr.6.That was unsuccessful. XD So we did the next best thing. Claimed the benches next to it.
=====skips the other parts cuz I can't remember everything that happened====
-We had our Art class. The sky was gloomy but our projects had to continue. Our teacher let us wash our paintbrush in the comfort room. Mia, Meg and I went together and checked if their really is a ghost. While washing the paint off the paintbrush, the faucet near Meg opened on its own. We left before anything supernatural appears.XD
-everyone woke very early for the dawn mass. Most of the students were sleeping while the priest said the his homily. XD
-Its hard to track people down when those people your tracking down are also tracking you down. Most of the gifts I received are keychains. Deanne's gift was the most cheap simple. X3
-People were to bite-y. I got bruises cuz of those bite-y people. x.x
-And the thing that I would never forget: The Farewell Gift to the senpais. We bought cake which didnt survive long enough.XD

----i shall add more when someone else makes me remember other stuff that happened...

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12 May 2009 @ 04:56 am
A short and simple message to my so-called "dad"....
its meant for him really...Collapse )
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10 May 2009 @ 05:38 am
while watching Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5?[Are you smarter than a grade 5 student?]
Host: What is the country highlighted in red on the map?
me: South Korea!
dad: Hindi ah![No!] Its Malaysia!
me: But...Malaysia is way oveeer there~
dad: *glares**mumbles* Nakakahiya ka...[Your embarrassing...]
Host: South Korea is the correct answer!
me: YAY! IM CORRECT! (inner thoughts: Touche!)

mom: I have this weird feeling that you'd spend your first pay in the club.
me: why? you said the first time i'd spend it on a book...
mom: This food is really great

------after that-------
me: I should be writing right now...
mom: You should be writing right now....
me: Tell papa to get his ass down here so I can use the computer...
mom: You should change your hobby to eating.

--------at the mass-----
me: *sees the sakristan* YAY!! I saw him again!*fangirls*
mom: *sees the priest* YAY!I saw him again!*fangirls*
Ate Riza: >.>;; mag-ina nga kayo.[You're really mother and daughter...]
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08 May 2009 @ 07:13 am
Fandom Sins Meme!

(Self inserts, mary sues, and the likes)
[x] Written a self-insert fic?
[ ] Given an in-series character your hobbies, likes, or dislikes?
[x] Created a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu?
[x] ... And then zealously denied they were one?
[ ] Invented and populated an alternate universe so complex it might as well be an original novel?
[ ] ...And then eventually decided to make it into an original novel?
[x] Claimed a given character as YOUR boyfriend/girlfriend/exclusive drooling property?
Total= 4

(the money you've shelled out for fandom goodies)
[x] Gone without basic necessities to get fandom necessities instead?
[x] Spent over a hundred dollars on fandom related good at once?
[ ] ...Over five hundred? [] Purchased dvds, doujinshi, manga, etc. directly from Japan?
[ ] ... when you don't speak/can't read Japanese?
[ ] Bought music, food, cherry flavored lube because you saw your favorite character enjoy it in series?
[ ] ...Because you saw it in a fic?
Total= 2

(Cosplay and mimicking characters)
[x] Cosplayed an age/gender/weight/body inappropriate character?
[ ] Cosplayed a character you know nothing about?
[ ] Cosplayed as a love interest of your favorite character just to get cosplay attention from said character?
[ ] Made out with someone because of who they cosplayed?
[ ] Stalked some one online/at a con/at school, because of who they cosplayed/RP/remind you of?
[ ] Claimed a character as your muse/soulbond/head mate?
[ ] Claimed you ARE a given character? <- But only jokingly
Total= 1

(Flame wars, shipping, and other rage inspired by fandom)
[ ] Started or been involved in a flame war over a pairing?
[ ] ... Over someone not writing/RPing a favorite character "right"?
[ ] ... Over someone claiming 'your' character as theirs?
[ ] Written a fic just to bash a character you don't like?
[ ] ...and killed them horribly in the fic?
[ ] Hated a ship or character because of someone who supports/RPs it?
[ ] Ended a friendship because you don't ship the same things?
Total= 0

[x] Written/RPed/drawn lemon as a virgin?
[ ] Used something you read in a fic/RP on your RL boy/girlfirend?
[x] Wrote a completely impossible crack pairing smut which became a fandom staple?
[ ] Can you recommend fics by kink?
[ ] Suggested something on a kink meme and then fulfilled your own request?'
[ ] Written/enjoyed a kink that completely squicks you in RL?
[ ] Discovered a kink because of fandom?
Total=  2

(All nighters and other gluttonous consumption of fandom goodies)
[x] Watched an entire series in one sitting?
[x] ...And it was more than twenty episodes?
[x] Eaten only anime-related foods (pocky, suchi, etc.) during a marathon?
[x] Played any sort of anime drinking game?
[ ] ...Created an anime drinking game?
[x] Applied for a character in an RP just so that no one else could RP them?
[ ] Claimed all the fics for your fandom/pairing in a kink meme?
Total=  5

(Blowing shit off you need to do for fandom things)
[x] Stayed up all night RPing/reading fic/watching anime/playing video games when you had school/work the next day?
[x] Asked for an extension on something you didn't do because you were reading fic/RPing/watching anime?
[x] Read fic or RPed while at school/work?
[x] ...And it was smut?
[ ] Made things up because you were too lazy to check series facts for your fic?
[x] Filled out a fandom related meme when you should have been working/doing homework?
[ ] Created a fandom related meme when you should have been working/doing homework?
Total= 5

the rankings hereCollapse )
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07 May 2009 @ 05:25 am
Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or less....cuz   spazzimidori</span> wanted me too

Fandom: Hetalia Axis Powers
Pairing: Non existent America/Philippines =D
Rating: PG 13?

1. Angst:
    America's heart sank when Piri said he wasn't his first.
2. AU:
     Piri: I'm sorry for being late!
      America: Make up test later*wink*
3. Crack!fic:
      Piri: How do I look?
      Piri: You look like a pervert.
4. Crossover with Twilight:
     Spain: Do I dazzle you?
      Piri: America does.
      America instantly became Edward.
5. First Time:
        Piri: 12.9 centimeters...
        America: Hey, peeking is not nice, you know?
Piri: But...
6. Fluff:
        America blushes as he carries sleeping Piri on his back.
7. Humour:
        America: You did what with Korea?!
        Piri: We exchanged clothes...
8. Hurt/Comfort:
        America wrapped his arms around Piri after he left Spain.
9. Smut:
        America had groped Piri when he realized it was France.
10. UST:
      Piri had to avoid America's perverted glances at him.

07 May 2009 @ 04:10 am
If you could live in any era of history, which one would you choose?
Hmm...if I were to choose what era I would rather live in...I'd choose the Victorian Era. =D
Yet I don't live in England*shot*
Anyway...the Victorian Era held a lot of sophistication...[which I will never have*inferiority complex*]
And plus...its was at that time the Jack the Ripper killings started...*shot*

Conscience: I knew it -.-

The other plus side to living in the Victorian era is those cool dresses *_* and those hats are filled with <3
and lace...

05 May 2009 @ 04:42 am
stolen once again...from....i have no idea =D....*shot* now everyone should do this or else!!!

THREE NAMES YOU GO BY: elie, debbie, dalia[<--Mrs.Pangilinan's first name for me XP]

THREE SCREEN NAMES YOU'VE HAD: elievelcross, fornicatedsin, Jigoku_shoujo01

THREE THINGS YOU'VE DONE IN THE LAST 33 MINUTES: watch tv, eat instant noodles, sit

THREE THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: im cute[<---blah!total complete lie!], determined, hyper

THREE THINGS YOU DISLIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: small, inferiority complex, usually bored

THREE PARTS OF YOUR ORIGINS: my parents?, uhh I came from the Philippines, i came from GOD*shot*

THREE THINGS YOU'RE AFRAID OF: my grandma's house when its dark, cockroaches[i run away screaming from this bugs...XD], heights...

THREE THINGS YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW: shorts, t-shirt, underwear?

THREE OF YOUR EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS: food, internet, bath...

THREE IMPORTANT OBJECTS: computer, mp3[<--soon to have!!], pillow

THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE BANDS: Panic at the Disco, Black Eyed Peas, Boys Like Girls

THREE WAYS TO BE HAPPY: go online, being lazy with friends, spending money on self

THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS AT PRESENT: Please Dont Stop the Rain, You Belong With Me, A Twist in My Story

THREE NEW THINGS YOU WANT TO TRY IN THE NEXT 12 MONTHS: hmm...I'd probably try studying hard..XD, hm...try...to get someone arrest my dad, try not to get bored

THREE THINGS YOU REGRET: I regret buying that Uncle Jack book..., I regret not listening to the news in 2006, I regret having parents like mine

THREE THINGS YOU WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP: it should be fun, full of trust, and alcohol!*shot*

THREE IMPORTANT THINGS YOU'RE GIVING TO THE WORLD: fertilizer?, uh...a small plant?, a dog?XD

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in order): im bisexual, im broke, i love you XD

THREE THINGS YOU JUST CAN'T DO: take care of old people, take care of my mom, listen to my dad

THREE THINGS YOU MISS FROM YOUR PAST: my ex...and he's long dead, my P10k, my taekwondo lessons


THREE REASONS WHY YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE: cuz i am who i am,  cuz your not close enough to know me, cuz you cant do anything about it


THREE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO REALLY BADLY RIGHT NOW: swimming, stay in my grandma's house, watch a movie with my uncle

THREE CAREERS YOU'RE CONSIDERING: hmm...those people who hunt viruses[watdoucallthose??], hmm...probably a freelance writer, guidance counselor


THREE CARTOON CHARACTERS: spongebob, squidward, patrick

THREE BOY’S NAMES: mark, anthony, raphael?XD

THREE GIRL'S NAMES: deanne, joan, meg


THREE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO TAKE THIS QUIZ OR DIE PAINFULLY: spazzimidori ,candy_cactus ,ode_heights 
03 May 2009 @ 05:00 am
A very rare update with my life. XDD

Uhh...so I ran away from home last Sunday. I couldn't stand not eating for four days so I went to my grandma's house. :D
We watched different movies over there. I got to watch 21, Buried Alive, Watchmen and Slum dog Millionaire.

Slum dog Millionaire is <3!!!

I know people liked Watchmen though I only watched it to see if it really was that good. It was too --lets say its a little too confusing. Yah I didn't read the graphic novel though I doubt I would've understood the novel anyway.I mean...I know Dr. Manhattan got his power from the accident but HOW IN HELL DID THE OTHERS GET THEIR POWER?!?!*shot* Why was there too much conspiracy? How did that blond guy get a lion?Why did he have to hide in Antartica?WHY WAS THERE SEXUAL TENSION BETWEEN RUSSIA AND AMERICA AGAIN!?[<----senseless hetalia fangirling]

Well anyway....it was good but...I never got to understand most of it. >.>;;I guess I still like Batman as the super hero though Riddler is one cool villain[<--senseless fangirling once again]

Anyway....back to my grandma's house. It was big. And very creepy at night. Its so gosh darn black every time its lights out. I'm used to the bedroom door closed in my house but over here its like...wide open. And then you can see the staircase. Whenever its lights out I just somehow....stare and I feel like there's someone staring right back at me. It was real creepy. I couldn't sleep too!

Conscience: Thats cuz you drank coffee in the afternoon. -.-
me: You made me drink it!
Conscience: You drank it cuz you like coffee
me: *epic fail*