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Rare Update

A very rare update with my life. XDD

Uhh...so I ran away from home last Sunday. I couldn't stand not eating for four days so I went to my grandma's house. :D
We watched different movies over there. I got to watch 21, Buried Alive, Watchmen and Slum dog Millionaire.

Slum dog Millionaire is <3!!!

I know people liked Watchmen though I only watched it to see if it really was that good. It was too --lets say its a little too confusing. Yah I didn't read the graphic novel though I doubt I would've understood the novel anyway.I mean...I know Dr. Manhattan got his power from the accident but HOW IN HELL DID THE OTHERS GET THEIR POWER?!?!*shot* Why was there too much conspiracy? How did that blond guy get a lion?Why did he have to hide in Antartica?WHY WAS THERE SEXUAL TENSION BETWEEN RUSSIA AND AMERICA AGAIN!?[<----senseless hetalia fangirling]

Well anyway....it was good but...I never got to understand most of it. >.>;;I guess I still like Batman as the super hero though Riddler is one cool villain[<--senseless fangirling once again]

Anyway....back to my grandma's house. It was big. And very creepy at night. Its so gosh darn black every time its lights out. I'm used to the bedroom door closed in my house but over here its like...wide open. And then you can see the staircase. Whenever its lights out I just somehow....stare and I feel like there's someone staring right back at me. It was real creepy. I couldn't sleep too!

Conscience: Thats cuz you drank coffee in the afternoon. -.-
me: You made me drink it!
Conscience: You drank it cuz you like coffee
me: *epic fail*


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