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Write 10 different categories of fic, each in 10 words or less....cuz   spazzimidori</span> wanted me too

Fandom: Hetalia Axis Powers
Pairing: Non existent America/Philippines =D
Rating: PG 13?

1. Angst:
    America's heart sank when Piri said he wasn't his first.
2. AU:
     Piri: I'm sorry for being late!
      America: Make up test later*wink*
3. Crack!fic:
      Piri: How do I look?
      Piri: You look like a pervert.
4. Crossover with Twilight:
     Spain: Do I dazzle you?
      Piri: America does.
      America instantly became Edward.
5. First Time:
        Piri: 12.9 centimeters...
        America: Hey, peeking is not nice, you know?
Piri: But...
6. Fluff:
        America blushes as he carries sleeping Piri on his back.
7. Humour:
        America: You did what with Korea?!
        Piri: We exchanged clothes...
8. Hurt/Comfort:
        America wrapped his arms around Piri after he left Spain.
9. Smut:
        America had groped Piri when he realized it was France.
10. UST:
      Piri had to avoid America's perverted glances at him.

Tags: meme
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