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Overview of the Whole Sophomore Year

What happened at school year 2008-2009? Read on my friend.

-I saved a sit for Meg/Mia. Meg arrived first and we had to place Mia somewhere near. So we place her in front of the teacher's table on the first day of school. 8D
-Mrs.Pangilinan, our small but terrible adviser and CLE teacher started a lecture at the second day of classes. I think it was raining so hard we...er...I couldn't hear much. But everyone else was laughing so I laughed along XD
-I think I annoyed Meg for the duration of a few days of being seatmates. I kept making corny jokes...XD
-I think the fourth year eating area became an official Senpai-Kohai tambayan place.
-When Mrs.Pangilinan finally got around to arranging the class,my seatmates were Jhap and Aika. I got around to talking to Aika and occasionally making her laugh. But in the second week of classes I kept falling asleep. She woke me up. And that's a good thing or else I would've failed math on the first quarter..x_x
-The remaining IADA had to claim back the used-to-be eating area when we were Gr.6.That was unsuccessful. XD So we did the next best thing. Claimed the benches next to it.
=====skips the other parts cuz I can't remember everything that happened====
-We had our Art class. The sky was gloomy but our projects had to continue. Our teacher let us wash our paintbrush in the comfort room. Mia, Meg and I went together and checked if their really is a ghost. While washing the paint off the paintbrush, the faucet near Meg opened on its own. We left before anything supernatural appears.XD
-everyone woke very early for the dawn mass. Most of the students were sleeping while the priest said the his homily. XD
-Its hard to track people down when those people your tracking down are also tracking you down. Most of the gifts I received are keychains. Deanne's gift was the most cheap simple. X3
-People were to bite-y. I got bruises cuz of those bite-y people. x.x
-And the thing that I would never forget: The Farewell Gift to the senpais. We bought cake which didnt survive long enough.XD

----i shall add more when someone else makes me remember other stuff that happened...

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